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quarta-feira, 11 de julho de 2007

Night of Sorrow

I could forgive if I hadn’t judged too
In that night I saw the angels falling around me
I could cry if I hadn’t loved you
That night I finished my search for your glory
That night destiny ended our sad story

I finally found it my Lord at the moment
In that Lucifer’s wings changed
The last sound of hope in painful silent
That night I cried by myself in the ruins of my mistake
That night I went deep as deep as my soul could take

That night the final sigh of the man I used to be
Disappeared in to the shadows of your wild face
When at the moment of higher sadness I was free
Suddenly my tears burns after turns in to fire
Serious flames of my only highest one desire

When I felt your hand touching on my shoulder
Softly heard your voice calling my name
In that moment in that night I felt you so closer
I realized that I was no more the owner of my heart
I realized love while I looked at your tears falling apart

Destino dos Perpétuos

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